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In addition to investments, DK Griffith also works with a small team of veteran business consultants, assisting small businesses and small business owners. Created by David K. Griffith after his tenure as an advisor at SUNY IT’s Mohawk Valley Small Business Development Center (a.k.a. MVSBDC), David and his team of consultants provide honest and straightforward business advice that’s in your, the small business owner’s, best interests, for a flat fee of $75/hour. You get what you pay for and there are several local business that have tremendously benefited from working with DK Griffith. Some examples of how DK Griffith can help improve your business include, but are not limited to:

  • Business Planscreation, editing, presentation.
  • MarketingStrategies that are in your best interest, optimizing return on marketing dollars spent.
  • Assistance w/ Government Contracting-Government agencies and municipalities are great customers, they need products and services too.
  • Succession Planning-Structuring your business for your eventual departure. Nothing lasts forever.
  • Grants/Small Business Loans- Help with paperwork and the reality involved in procuring financing, grants or other methods of funding. 
  • Want to sell your business? Should you hire a business broker or try selling it yourself?
  • “My business isn’t working out, what should I do now?” Most likely, the sooner you do something, the better. Advice during these circumstances can be crucial.
  • Getting your business certified as a minority or woman owned business. 

Being self-employed virtually his entire life, Dave Griffith has a tremendous understanding for optimally managing the realities of self-employment and attaining small business goals. Working at the Mohawk Valley Small Business Development Center (MVSBDC), a New York State Agency partially funded by the SBA (Small Business Administration); David provided free business advice to the public; it was a tremendous learning experience. There Dave worked alongside veteran small business consultants, created dozens of business plans, helped disabled citizens apply for small business grants, taught classes at the Mohawk Valley Refugee Center, performed informational seminars on SBA loans and Government Contracting. Many times David’s most valuable service was just listening to small business owners regarding their concerns and challenges. DK Griffith continues to provide small business consulting services to New York State agencies as an independent contractor.

As a financial advisor and licensed tax preparer; DK Griffith is especially fluent in the various methods in which business owners can pay themselves and save for retirement.

Small Business and Small Business owners will always represent a strong segment of our community. With that, DK Griffith recognized a strong demand for business advisors who put the client’s best interests first and charge fairly for their time and services.

References of satisfied clients are always available upon request.

First consultation is always free to determine if DK Griffith can provide value to your unique circumstances.


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