Minimize Concerns, Maximize Returns


DK Griffith & Company is an independent financial services firm located in Utica, New York. Founded in 2006, David K. Griffith started the firm knowing there will always be a demand for financial advisors with an allegiance to their clients’ best interests.

We provide our valued clients with “needs based” financial advice and active wealth management. We also prepare taxes and advise clients on estate planning matters. We are not like the many advisors merely peddling high commission products. Recognizing each client is as unique as their fingerprint, each plan and client portfolio is distinctly tailored and ongoingly managed according to their unique circumstances.

We believe financial advisors exists because it’s widely known that clients do better financially, especially over longer periods of time, when working with an astute advisor. Typically, a good advisor can easily substantiate their costs with improved performance, reduced costs (avoiding pitfalls, taxes minimized, reduced fees) and strategically extracted income.

A core philosophy at D. K. Griffith is that optimal money management is an ongoing process. Constant and open communication between advisor and client is crucial in optimizing your wealth.

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